The Kennel

Wind Hill Puppies Kennel

Our kennel was built in 2008.  It was designed to give each Bostons plenty of space and privacy.  Each dog has constant fresh water, indoor/outdoor access, privacy panels inside, and shade/sun outside.  The kennel is also temperature controlled with heat in winter and A/C in summer.  The kennel is cleaned daily and each dog is given individual attention.  Everybody gets a bedtime snack (biscuit) before lights out.

Puppies are raised in the kennel in whelping boxes that are carpeted on one end for sleeping and have a grated floor on the other for potty time.  Mom’s have easy access until time for weaning.  This is Nutmeg with her litter of 8!!

When weaning begins the puppies are removed from the whelping box several times a day.  This allows for cleaning of the whelping box and gives them plenty of playtime for socialization and proper knee development. 

Puppies are also taken outside to play and enjoy the sunshine when the weather is nice. 

Rosemary – enjoying her space!!


Patsy – taking a break.

LeeAnn – enjoying the sunshine.



                                                                                 Jay Jay – Looking studly!!!  

Playtime for June and Keziah!!