Previous Puppies

I love to receive pictures of our puppies in their new homes.  Below are pictures while with us and then in their new homes as they have grown.  Aren't they all so adorable and spoiled!!



Macabee & Shitsel have become b est buddies!!!


Fiona & Grace - enjoying life in Southern Illinois!!



Frannie grew up at Wind Hill.  She was a sweet mom but had complications with her 2nd litter so retired.  She is learning to be a city girl and loves her new family and friends.


Beautiful Lola - offspring of Daisy and Thor.



Beautiful Carly!!!!



Lucy - Soaking up the sun in Sydney, Australia!!




Ace & Trixie  - Enjoying the good life  🙂




Faith was on Santa's "nice" list 🙂




Prince and his Royal Subjects 🙂



 Bailey and Coco are ready for Santa!!



Champ and his family - ready for his first Christmas!!!!



Ivy's First Snow!!!




Grace and Fiona visit the nursing home 🙂

Prince - Too much cuteness!!!

Dinky, Tinker, and Pinky - Happy Halloween!!!

Ivy meeting her new family!!!

Sugar looking sweet!!

Minnie's first strip to Starved Rock State Park

Bean - Enjoying his favorite toy 🙂

What a Super Hero!!!!

Baxter & Beatrice!!!  Gorgeous!!!

Toby - What beautiful ears 🙂

Prince!!!  So photogenic!!!

Ace & Trixie - Looking good!!!

Maxwell & Rocky - What gorgeous boys!!!

Teddy and big sister Milou in New York

Lola & Symi - Enjoying their first Christmas together 🙂

Pinky enjoying her first Halloween with her new big sister 🙂

Diva - "Come out and play!!!"

Tessa's 1st Birthday!!!!

Maxwell & Rocky - Enjoying their first day together!!

Maxwell and Rocky - Best Buddies 🙂

Hazel - Let's play ball!!!!

Teddy - "Is this real?"

Stonewall & Liza enjoying the sunshine 🙂

Ozzy & Toby - Best buddies!!!!

Baxter and his new best buddy Nutmeg 🙂

Bruce at 6 months old 🙂

Oliver & Willow - So cute together!!

Enzo - So Handsome!!!

Zorro as a baby!!!               





Zorro/Ozzy with his new bff!!



Ash/Gibbs - Enjoying his first snow!!!

 Ash before he left Wind Hill

Merry Christmas from Bailey & Coco!!

Maxwell enjoying his first Christmas!!

Booker Showing Off!!!!

Kahn/Nori celebrating his first birthday 🙂

Neela and her best friend a 180 lb. Great Dane!!!!! Bostons are small dogs with a big dog attitude!!!

Vegas - looking very fashionable 🙂

Mason -happy and healthy in his new home!!!

Axle - enjoying the sunshine!!!             Axle/Opie at 3 months old

Ebony & Cinder - They love each other!!!!  Looks like they are making a heart 🙂

Nellie's Baby Picture

  Nellie - Now Lucy - Ready to trick-or-treat!!!!

Beautiful Bandit!!!

Maple - Looking adorable!!!!

Maple - Growing Up!!!!




Scarlett - Now Lola at her first photo shoot 🙂

Lola's 2nd photo shoot with Santa!!!

UCH Galaxy9 Workin' Without a Net of WindHill
Gus has earned his UKC champion title!!!
Nice job Gus!!! Congrats to Bonnie!!!

UCH Galaxy9 B'Dazzled Ferrari of WindHill

Dazzle has earned her UKC Champion Title!!!!
Daughter of Daisy and Baxter
Thanks for the pics and the success Bonnie!!

Max at work at a baseball game!!!

Gus displaying all his accomplishments!!
Nice job Gus!!!!

Ike learning to take the stairs.  Go Ikey!!!!

Benji & Oscar - It took some time but they are finally best friends!!!

Blossom (now Macy) making sure she isn't left behind!!!!

Lulu, Olivia, and Greta living the good life!!!!

Hunter - Now Killiam - Looking very dapper!!!

Winston/Jack - not sure what to think about his new friend!!!

Beautiful Max with his friend Ms. Sissy!!!

LuLu - Cheering on the Patriots!!!
She was a Bears fan before she left!!!


Addie - hanging out in Chicago 🙂 



Gunner playing in the sunshine!!!                    Merry Christmas Gunner (now Vegas)!!!!

Reyce with her best buddies - Hyde and Jett!!!


Hunter's final photo shoot at WindHill        Hunter with his new big sister Zoey!!


Dozer - What a cutey!!!                                Dozer/Monte Moose living it up in Virginia!!!


Haden & Matthew enjoying the sunshine!!!   Haden now Baxter - Having a happy life in Arkansas

Liam - What a happy looking boy!!!

Beautiful Beatrice!!!   Now Kona Kai & Wrigley   Slate/Wrigley as a puppy


Ace - what a cutie!!                                                        Ace - Still adorable!!!!


Baby Zeke at Wind Hill                Zeke looking handsome for the camera!!!!!


Duke at Wind Hill                   Duke/Chewbacca(right) with his new best friend Sasquatch!!


Max at Wind Hill                                Max (now Rocky) at doggy daycare with his best friend Charles!

Delilah - What a gorgeous girl!!!!


              Meg enjoying the sunshine!!!    Maggie/Meg in her new home - now a year old!!!

Ramsy at WindHill!!!

Ramsy/Thor - All grown up and showing off!!!

Trick or Treat!!!!  Tank

Tank - Looking beautiful!!!!

                         Willow at Wind Hill!!!

              Willow - now River Song enjoying her life of leisure!!!

    Preston as a baby!!                                             Preston/Harley's First Birthday!!!

Tank making a great catch in the snow!!!!

                    Satin - enjoying the sunshine!!!                           Satin now Maddie - still loving the outdoors!!!

Copper hanging out with her buddy!!!  She looks a lot like daddy (Turbo)!!!


Iris at Wind Hill                                                            Beautiful!!!! Iris now Hazel in her new home!!


Hudson in 2011!                                                                          Hudson/Brewster in 2013!!!

Kosmo - What a beautiful boy!!

Ruby and Tillie - Best buddies!!

Wrigley - enjoying his toys!!


Oden playing in the grass!!!                Oden/Thor all grown up and happy in his forever home!!!!



         Nash - First Christmas at Wind Hill                              Nash/Cooper Enjoying life in Baltimore!!!

Candi - hanging out at Wind Hill!!                                                          Candi/Copper one year later at her new home!!!

        Love, love, love this picture!!!! What a life!!

             Daphne playing in the sun!!!                                                             Daphne (now Gracie) - what a pretty girl!!!

        Baby Percy!!                                                                                                            Java/Percy looking handsome!!!!

Kyle with his ears already up!!!                                                   Kyle behaving nicely in his new home!!!

                       Lillie in action!!!!               

Lilo with a huge smile!!!  🙂

  Logan - posing pretty!!                    Logan/Yukon - still posing!!!

Windsor strutting his stuff!                 Louie/Windsor - who could say no to those eyes??!!

   Olivia - what a pretty baby!!                            Olivia - Queen of her new home!!

Pepper hanging out!!!

Sam & Buster - best buddies!!

Taylor looking shy!!               Taylor/Wrigley at 1 yr. old - Time flies!!!

Scout's baby picture!!!                      Scout/Moses all grown up and playing in the leaves!  What a handsome boy!!

Ivy - enjoying life in New Hampshire!!  What a gorgeous girl!!

  Radar as a baby!                      Radar/Austin chillin' in KY!!

Otis' first Christmas!          Otis/George (far right) with his family in WI!! 

                    Parker's baby picture!!                         Murphy/Parker all grown up and handsome!!!

Annie - now living with her family in Frankfurt, IL.  Great looking girl!!

                    Orchid's baby picture                     Orchid - Nutmeg growing up in her new home!

 Pierce the day he went to his new home  Pierce - All grown up but still playing like a puppy!!

Grady - having playtime

Grady/Doug - being spoiled in Bloomington

   Otto/Crosley - The "packer" fan hanging out in Green Bay

Mandi enjoying the fall at our house  

Mandi/Chrissy sledding in Alaska!

Haden's 1st Christmas               

 Haden (Gordy) playing in the leaves at his new home

Josie - playing in the sun               

Josie/Hershey taking a nap at home in Michigan

Elton - strutting his stuff at our house   

Elton/Buster- Top dog in NJ

Greta - w/ us at Christmas       

Greta at home in CT

Cooper with us!!!

Cooper/Cody now living in Chicago


Daisy & Matthew at our house  

Roxy/Daisy now living in New York

Clyde - playing at our house!!   

Clyde/Vic (in orange) w/ his buddy Bruce in Springfield

Eve before she flew to her home      

Eve kissing a soldier in Sacramento

Eddie looking cute at our house!

Eddie - at home in Tinley Park!





 Heidi's baby picture!!         

Heidi/Ivy at home in Bartlett, IL 4 months old - what a beauty!!

Glory - with us

Glory at home in Alaska!!  2nd picture at 2 1/2 yrs.

Levi enjoying fall w/ us

 Levi/Dempsey playing hide & seek in his new

Hershey & Clover - Ready to Trick-or-Treat in PA