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Puppy Guarantee


This puppy is a live animal. Like all live species, environment, nourishment, exposure, neglect, abuse, stress, disease and genetics are conditions that may or may not affect the short or long term health of this puppy. Wind Hill Puppies does not warrant any circumstances or conditions affecting the short or long term health of said puppy that is out of our control.

Buyer's Responsibilities:

            - Annual physical examinations by a licensed Veterinarian.

            - Follow Veterinarian guidelines for vaccinations & de-worming.

           - Assume all responsibility & risks of spaying, neutering or breeding.

           - For the 1st 8-12 months, puppy must be given a diet high in fat, please use a quality food that has a four star or above rating at  Some acceptable food are: Native, 4Health, Diamond Naturals, Blue Buffalo, and Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul.  There are many others listed on the site.  Not following proper nutritional guidelines will void your guarantee.

Breeder's Responsibilities

If, within the first 72 hours, your Veterinarian identifies a "health issue" which clearly the puppy obtained before purchase, breeder will refund purchase price of puppy or replace with a puppy of equal value. Buyer must return original puppy, with a written report from Veterinarian & registration papers, to the breeder within 48 hours of notifying the breeder.

If within the 1st year a qualified veterinarian detects a genetic disorder, to be serious enough to warrant the euthanization of the dog, the report needs to be sent to the breeder immediately. The breeder will have a licensed veterinarian interpret the report. If breeder's vet concurs, breeder will replace the dog with a puppy of equal value, upon return of dog's registration paper.

There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors or care of the puppy by the buyer, i.e.: starvation, hyperglycemia (sugar shock), allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange and other disorders caused by environment or care - are not covered by this guarantee.

The breeder guarantees a healthy companion pet, but does not guarantee adult size, color, and temperament. Nor does breeder guarantee fitness for breeding.

AKC papers will be supplied or mailed as soon as breeder receives them.

Breeder is not responsible for any Veterinarian expenses incurred by the buyer at any time.

Breeder is not responsible and will not refund any shipping costs.

Breeder will provide health certification if puppy is being shipped stating the puppy is in good health at the time of shipping. Breeder cannot be held responsible for the puppy once he/she is dropped off for shipping.



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