Hi Tina!

I wanted to send you an update on Tilly, who was originally Kona. She’s now a year old, and doing great. She is the happiest, friendliest pup I’ve met! She loves other dogs and people. She thinks everyone is here to be a friend! Tilly is true to her Boston Terrier nature- full of energy and always ready to play. 
In her year of life Tilly has traveled quite a bit, since her pops is in the military. She’s lived in Georgia, New York,  and soon Maryland. 
Tilly is such a big part of mine and my husband’s life. We basically consider her to be our daughter, since we don’t have any kids yet. We love her so very much and we wanted to say thank you for her!
Good morning, Tina.
I just wanted to send a note of thanks for bringing Lilac into our lives. She is so quick to learn. Already mostly house trained and responds to simple commands, like sit (at only 10 weeks of age, no less).
Below are a few photos. We decided to keep the name Lilac, because it fits her perfectly. We adopted the Boston you see her with from a shelter in Madison, WI this past December. They are already very close. I’m guessing much of her success in learning simple commands and behaviors can be attributed to his good example.
Thanks again,
Had to send you some pics of my precious beautiful Carly ( Dori ). She is so much fun and really smart. She catches on quickly. Potty training was 3 weeks. Rings her ” poochie bells” to go out and do her duty. So calm in the car. I could go on and on about her. My vet’s office won’t let her leave when we go for toenail clippings. Vet said she would be a wonderful therapy dog. I said , I know, she’s great therapy for me. LOL ! Everyone loves her and she loves everyone.
Thank you for such a wonderful companion. She was so worth the wait !!
Good Afternoon Tina,
I wanted to take the opportunity to send you an update and a few images of Chai…..(“Nora”….from Rose’s July 17th litter)…..
As you can see……she is one of the most beautiful Bostons ever ! Truly a supermodel among dogs !
Growing up with Ojii our 100 lb male Akita as a mentor, she has taken on a rather laid back attitude….
She’s a total diva and not an early riser…..doesn’t move much before 7am even though everyone else is up at 4…..
She’s just over 12 lbs,….. petite but very fit, as she goes toe-to-toe with Ojii every day…..
Surprisingly, she doesn’t seem too bothered by the cold, and loves to romp in the snow !
She’s a dainty eater…monster pooper….and expels gas from hell……!
She is very affectionate to everyone she meets!
I have attached a few select images…..Feel free to add any to your testimonials or Facebook page…..
Thanks again for providing the most wonderful pups !

Subject: Patience is so worth it!


We are still in love with your website and our almost 8mo old chocolate Boston Fiona we bought from you! Today we’d love to someway somehow like to express to your waiting list to be patient, it’s so worth it! We waited for months, dared to be different and took a chocolate instead of a black and white; but she is truly the sweetest, best personality, spoiled rotten, full of energy with our boxer healthiest dog we have ever had! We picked the best breeder and the best puppy! Any wait for a puppy from you is sooo worth the wait! When your list gets shorter, we are considering paying a deposit to be on it again! Best wishes and very satisfied,  The Searby’s?

Happy New Year to you and your family. Just sending you a pic of Loki on his 1st birthday last month. Thanks again..he is such a sweet, laid-back adorable little guy. A fast learner, but not too headstrong. He’s about 16 pounds, solid and square, and hard to buy harnesses and jackets for because of his broad chest 🙂  Just a great Boston. 


Just wanted to update you a little on Neela.
I can’t believe she’s 10,5 months old already, seems like yesterday when i got her!
She’s been the best puppy, not without getting into some trouble 😉 She did awesome on the flight to Sweden, not a sound on the whole flight. And since then we’ve travelled quite a lot in Sweden, she’s been in a car, train, plane and boat and she just behaves really well and doesn’t mind the travelling, she’s just happy to be around people. We’re spending Christmas in Spain with my parents so she’s going to be quite the traveller. Since I started university I’ve been able to take her with me to school a couple of times and everybody loves her. She gets along with every dog she meets and her best friends with an 180 pound Grate Dane. She loves long walks in the forest, any toy she can “kill”, treats and laying as close to me as possible, regardless of where I am 🙂 
I’m planing to star showing her this spring, so we’re busy with training now. She loves the attention!
Thank you for the best dog I could ever ask for,




Hi Tina,

I hope you’re doing well! I wanted to give you an update on Opal (now Stella).

Stella is doing so well adjusting to her new home. Potty training went really well and she now rings her bell when she needs to go outside. She has mastered going up and down stairs and knows many commands, including sit, stay, come, shake, down, and calm (her command to not bark). She is smart as a whip, but can be a little stubborn and feisty!
She is a snuggle-bunny and loves to burrow under the covers. She loves people and kids and everyone loves her! Strangers often stop to ask if they can pet her or take her picture. She honestly looks a little confused when people just walk by her!
She’s 10 lbs and the vet says she looks wonderful.

Thank you so much for this wonderful pup! I’ve attached some pictures so you can see how much she’s grown!


Hi Tina,

Just wanted you to see a picture of our Brody. He turned 3 this week. He is an amazing part of our family. My kids,  husband and I adore him. He gets plenty of love and play.

Have a great summer.  

Hello Tina,
We wanted to let you know that OUR MAX is now a registered service dog. He passed all his test. He can go every where with us. Max, can tell if my sugar is to low or to high just by smell. Don’t ask me how he knows but he can tell. He will lick my arm or face more than just a dog lick. So than I will test my sugar and low and behold it was either to low or to high.
 Max, also if at night if I take off my oxygen mask he will wake me either by jumping on me to wake me or by barking. He is just so smart and he was a very fast learner.
 Say we to go the mall or store and I will use a walker. He will walk along of me. If I say left he goes left if I say right he goes right. He is very alert with our surroundings. He has shown everyone that a BOSTON TERRIERS can do just as well as any other BIG dog. Or even better.
Max, has the best temperament he is very calm well behaved. Of course he is so loved and very spoiled when not WORKING. He does know when I say work that he is such a different guy.He gets very excited knowing he has to go to work. It is like he struts his stuff.
 All I can say Tina,
 IS THANK YOU for Breeding a great BOSTON TERRIER. 
Wind Hill Maxsim Majestic (MAX) is the best.
dog who thinks he is human by the way that anyone could ever ask for. I’m so glad that We were able to have him. He to me is also God Sent. He is the one I had prayed for.
Thank you.
Dawn Czipoth from Pennsylvania

Hi Tina!  Just wanted to send you another update on Louie (Hyde).  It has only been a month and he has learned and experienced so much!  We absolutely adore his personality and he is very happy and healthy.  He already knows sit, lay down, play dead, and dance (spin). I just can’t believe how intelligent he is! He’s a very spoiled boy, but we think he deserves it 😉


Hi Tina,

Just wanted to update you on Blossom, now Macy.  She’s doing great!  We love her so much and she’s been a wonderful addition to our family.  She’s a smart girl and picks up tricks/commands quickly.  She LOVES every person she meets and loves to play.  She’s just the cutest thing…I’ve attached some pictures of her. 

Hope you’re doing well.

Trisha, Mitch & Macy

Hi Tina,
I just wanted to drop you a line to update you on our little friend Otis (formerly Zazz).  He is so funny!  Such a character! He is so good, he is picking up on training so easily!

I am attaching a picture!

Thank you again. We could not be happier!

Kelle, Matt, and Otis

We couldn’t have picked a better pup!  He graduated from puppy classes with flying colors!  Come, Sit, Down, Stay (he stays up to a minute) Sit pretty, heel on the left, Side for the right side, Crawl, Shake, (he favors no side, he gives you both at intervals hahah) and of course the ones he taught himself to do like, chase squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and whatever else happens to be in the yard.  He’ll fetch but not always bring it back 🙂  We will send you the pic from his grad day when it comes in… Stephanie (our trainer) now wants a Boston, even though she doesn’t like small dogs, she fell in love with Tank! I’m sending her your website for a future sale.  I hope she contacts you.  WHAT AN AWESOME DOG!!!  

I wanted to update you on our little girl Kassie, now Stella.  She’s been such a delight!  We are so happy with her personality.  She is super sweet, loves to snuggle and be close to us.  She was potty trained within a week of getting her, she’s really smart!  And she’s doing great with basic commands, she loves to please!  She has wonderful markings and as she grows she is getting more beautiful!  She is best buds with our three year old daughter.  They play together all the time 🙂  Thank you for such a wonderful dog.  She truly is a joy to be around.


Hi Tina,
It has been quite a while, but a friend was looking into a boston and
I recommended your website…  I then realized we never updated you on
Strummer (Foster) and thought I would send a picture.

Here he is, enjoying a toy in our home in Bloomington, IL, celebrating
his 2nd birthday.  Hope all is well, your new puppies look great



Hi there! I wasn’t sure if you generally like to get updates from your dogs owners? But I figured I would at least let you know what the vet said about that spot near her eye. It ended up being a scab (weird) when the vet examined it, it just came right off, so we blammed one of her brothers or sisters:P She was 3.5 lbs on wed for her appt. I can tell she has grown so much in a week. She’s doing really well. The vet was very impressed with her. Said she was a great looking dog and could tell she came from great bloodlines, and not a “backyard breeder”. Next month she will get more shots, she’ll prolly be 10 lbs by then.


Hello Tina,


I hope you are doing well! I’m sorry that I haven’t been to keep in touch with you was much as I anticipated, but I just wanted to shoot you a quick email concerning “simon”. First off, we love him! We couldn’t have asked for a better/cutter/funnier puppy! We decided to change his name to Diesel, due to the amount of energy he has. I also attached some photos of him so maybe you could put them on your website. Anyway, he sends kisses to all of you over in Illinois and to his mommy and daddy.


Nicole,Jerry, and Diesel

I just wanted to follow up to tell you how much we LOVE the puppy. We renamed him Ollie, and he has brought us so much happiness, I cannot even put it into words. He is responding quite well to the name Ollie, and he is learning to “come” on command. He definitely keeps us very busy!
He had his first Vet appointment last week– he was a HUGE hit at the Blum Animal Hospital! Our vet just loved him and said that he was in perfect health. Thank you for taking the time and love to raise just fantastic puppies. The whole office just wanted to pet him and hold him, he is quite the charmer.
Ollie’s ears have really been perking up! They are adorable, and have shown no signs of weak muscles or anything. To be honest, Chris and I both thought that it might be cute if he hang one ear that wasn’t perfectly straight up! It is amazing to see how he has grown already, and to watch how his ears show so much expression. Ollie is also doing very well with crate training! He lets us know when he wants to go outside (a lovely little whine) and he knows where to go. I am so impressed with how smart this little boy is!
I have attached a photo of him from one of the first few days we had him home. This was one of his first introductions to a new harness. He is the best puppy we could have asked for. We will forever be grateful for you adding him to our lives!
I hope all is well with you, your family, and Turbo and Cici!

I just wanted to let you know that everyone loves Millie! My mom thinks she is the sweetest little girl in the world. Her new sister Lillie loves her! They are already playing together. I will take some pictures when I go back next week. We took her by to the nursing home in Nokomis to see my great grandma and Millie sat on her lap and slept. It was so cute! My grandma didn’t want us to take her home. The entire nursing staff asked for us to bring her back. Everyone loves her!

Tina –
Chrissy has been an utter delight!  Her temperament and character were EXACTLY how you explained and observed!  She sure is a cuddler – so much so that she leans INTO you, not just next to you.  She’s smart too…has figured out that if she just stays on our son’s bed that she won’t be kenneled for the night. 
Chrissy house-trained quite quickly considering we had one of the worst winter’s in a LONG time!  She would still go out and brave a blizzard to do her business outside (we have a porch that she “uses” with a gate on it).  She is very social and loves to be with people and other animals.
True to Boston nature, she is the funniest little dog ever!  She has a little more white on her left eye that makes her look a little cross-eyed sometimes (she’s fine) and that just adds to her antics!
Anyway, wanted to give you an update and let you know that she’s thriving and so are we!


We wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know how much we love Kyp! His transition into our house was very easy and he instantly took to Paxton and the two are inseperable! He is doing wonderful and especially loves his walks to the beach where he runs and runs and runs! Everyone who walks by cannot resist how cute he is and has to stop to play. Our vet was extremely impressed with Kyps health, and the bumbs on his head completely healed over in no time at all! I have attached a few pictures for your enjoyment, hope all is well! Thanks again for everything!

Hi Tina,

I just wanted to send you an update on Ivy~

She is getting so big, and has adjusted so well to our house. She hasn’t made one peep in her kennel when I put her in to go to bed, she has already learned sit, and is slowly mastering the arts of how to be a great walking partner in our daily walks. I can’t say enough except that she is only a testament to the outstanding breeding and personality that your dogs produce.

Thank you so much for my new best friend~ I have attached a few pictures for you to see her!

I’ll be in touch soon!                                                               



My son brought his fish home for Easter break .  Fish spent some time 
on the floor prior to going to the car for the return trip to Carbondale
Vic just loved him. Vic is just wonderful
I love your web site
Springfield, IL

she is doing extremely well and is spoiled with all her toys.  
She can sit, shake, and stay (though that is a bit shaky) and is an 
eager and willing learner when a treat is involved.  She is one smart 
puppy.  I am constantly amazed at how much she picks up.  She 
recently learned how to go up and down stairs and how to bark.  She 
has a formidable growl which is great, except that she uses it in

Tina –
Hi!  How are you?  I just wanted to give you an update on Roxy (Daisy).  She is doing just fine.  She has gotten so big.  She got spayed a couple of weeks ago and did just fine with it.  She enjoys laying in the sun and playing in the backyard.  She is pretty much entirely trained – but does tend to piddle when someone comes in the house.  As you can see from this picture, she is still growing into her ears!!!  Everyone who meets her carries on about how nice her markings are. 
New York, NY

Hi Tina, 

She is learning very quickly as well. She is very smart, I really don’t have to spend much time on something new because she picks it up so quickly.  We are very happy with her, she is already a part of our family…she sleeps with us every night! I attached some pics of her, Mark and I. Thank you again!

Hi Tina,
I will keep your contact information for the future though because we are so happy with Checkers he’s brought a lot of fun to our “new” family.  He’s getting so big already (9 pounds) and he’s really smart: he can already sit, speak and give us his paw and he’s house broken (except for when its raining – he hates going outside in the rain) LOL but we’re ok with that.  He gets his last parvo shot next weekend and than he can go for walks.  Here’s some pic’s…
Thanks Again,
Philedelphia, PA

Hope Christmas was good.
I am just witting to tell you that Carter was named Moose. He has been VERY SPOILED. He’s getting bigger. He got more chew toys and some dog treats for Christmas. He has been around a lot of other dogs and people. He gets along well with everybody. He walks on a leash like a dream. He actually prefers to run. It is good exercise for us all. He is doing a good job of being potty trained.   
Our neighbor wants a Boston Terrier. She would take ours if we would let her. She is getting ready to move to an apartment and they will let her have a smaller dog. She asked me for your name.
Happy New Year,             
Wapella, IL                    

Hi Tina,

I just wanted to tell you that Chloe/Izzy has taken to
her new home as if she has always been here. She’s
more interested in the people than the dogs, she loves
to be held and to sleep in our arms.  She cried all
last night after we put her to bed in her kennel,
we’ll see how she does tonight.

We couldn’t be happier with her, we love her already!

Merry Christmas
Arlington Heights, IL     

Hi Tina and Natalie !!!  Just a quick picture or two so you can see how well Geronimo is doing. the one with the bandana was taken after his shot on this past Thursday, isn’t he a handsome fella ????   Feebie was jealous at first but is in total puppy love now also.  Will send you an updated picture from time to time.  
Arnold, MO           

Hi Tina,
I have your website in my favorites.  I see another litter is due in September.  I am thinking of getting another boston for Newman (I have a shar pei that I am currently trying to re-home b/c she isn’t getting along the greatest with my son) .  I will check back to see the beauties!!  We all moved to Sun Prairie Wi so we are further away.  Newman has been great though.  He was easily trained (now I just have to get him to stop kissing and licking my son so much).  I’ll be checking back!
Sun Prairie WI