People often ask me “what are some good sites for Boston information”?  There are a few that I have gained great information from.  I’ll list those below and will add more as I find them.  

If you are having difficulty finding info. on dogfood the following site is the most comprehensive I’ve come across.  A puppy buyer actually told me about it and I have referred to it many times since.

I use Diamond Naturals chicken and ricr for my adults and Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy for the puppies.  Below is the link to locate a dealer in your area if you choose to use Diamond Naturals.

Below is a link to purchase “How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With”.  This was highly recommended by a buyer.

This link is to to purchase a portable exercise pen.  I use these extensively for exercising puppies and when I deliver.  They according fold and would be great for the park, going to a friends house or even to keep a puppy in a small area while house training.