In Memory

Generally our Bostons live long happy lives and after reaching a certain
age are retired and go on to spend their golden years as family pets.  
Occasionally life throws us a tragedy
and we lose one of our amazing Bostons.  
Each one has touched our lives and holds a special place in our memories and hearts.  
This page is dedicated to them. 

Wind Hill’s Fanci Faye

Fanci came to us as an 8 week old puppy.  She was one of our “special” girls that lived in the house and was spoiled and pampered.  We actually owned her grandmother and were so happy to be able to continue breeding this beautiful line.  Fanci had several litters of puppies and was a natural momma dog.  She was loving and sweet and very special to us.  Unfortunately she passed due to complications after a c-section.  It was a huge loss to us and she is greatly missed.


Turbo came to us an adult from a breeder in Arkansas.  We felt is was a little bit of a risk buying an adult and not knowing a lot about his temperament but we were pleasanty surprised by how wonderful he was.  Turbo loved everyone – canine and human.  He was loving and affectionate as well as beautiful.  He was our only “red” male for several years and produced beautiful, sweet puppies.  Turbo developed an aggressive cancer that came suddenly and moved rapidly.  He is missed and was loved.